Music & Lyrics © 2016 By Seán Lightholder

Well they won’t give you a chance
Unless you’ve got experience
Unless you’ve got the right criteria
They won’t believe that you are serious

But how will you ever get in,
if they won’t let you begin
to get your foot in the door?

I’m gonna show you how to cheat.

They’ve got their eyes everywhere
You’ve got black tape on the mirror
Collar up, hat pulled down
When you’re out on the town
You need a place you can be
Where all the cameras can’t see
Listen, just close your eyes…

…I’m gonna show you how to cheat.

There’s all the things that you do
Then there’s the stuff on the side
There were times you were true,
Then there’s the times that you lied.

I know what you need,
Remember to breathe
I’m gonna show you how to cheat.

And now it’s time for the show
And they’re all ready to go
Time to prepare in advance,
But now you’ve missed your chance.
They’re all looking at you
And you don’t know what to do
Want to sink into the floor.

I’m gonna show you…