Music & Lyrics © 2016 By Seán Lightholder

He can’t take no more of the things they did
Because the stuff in the classroom can’t teach a kid
The ones who say you should believe ‘em are the ones you can’t trust
Weld them to the system, fill the gaps with rust

He said, “It’s a pretty good day to get outta here,
I’m down to pancake batter and a day-old beer.”
You know life’s got more in store for ya
Building trails in the hills of California.

It was all going fine until the 7th day
When somebody slipped their stash into his duffel bag
It’s federal project, as you surely know
Left the duffel, caught the next bus to Mexico

You can live for a while on pocket change
And the arm of the law has a certain range
But eventually he knew he’d be staying here
It was that or pancake batter and a day-old beer.