Music & Lyrics © 2016 By Seán Lightholder

You shoulda been there ‘bout an hour ago
Set an alarm in your phone
Just left the whole thing alone

You shoulda never said you’d be there and so
They’re probably pissed at you now
All waiting for you to show

Don’t forget to
Breathe now
Pounding, yeah your
Pounding, yeah you’re
Drowning, yeah you’re almost

There anyway

There’s no excuse, you put yourself in this place
Dug your own bloody grave
Thru the decisions you made

And now it’s go time and you’re changing your mind
Yeah, maybe some other time,
But then they switch on the lights

There’s no time for second chances
This is the only thing that matters.
This is the only thing
This is the only thing that’s

There anyway