Music & Lyrics © 2016 By Seán Lightholder

I need you to think twice about the things you said
before you think of setting down in this bed

There’s some things we could talk about
But I don’t want to get to the point where we shout     

We could take all night
Just to get along
think about it, break it all down
Because you always find a way to say I’m wrong
Even when you try to calm me down
Think how I feel now
Think how I feel now
Think how I feel now
I think I might just stop right here

But then there’s
Another thing I gotta say
If you think I’m gonna help you to pack your bags
You found your way in, find your own way out
Maybe you’re just another thing I can do without

When you set me up
Just to tear me down
I can wait…
For you to know who won this round:

Watch me now.