Music & Lyrics © 2016 By Seán Lightholder

I know
Things ain’t always been
how they’re supposed to be

I know
I’ve always held back
a part of me

I know I’ve hurt you
But you should know
That’s not what I want to do

There’s been trying
There’s been crying
There’s been hurt so bad it came out as silence
But the worst of all this violence
is missing you

I’ve made a place inside me
So strong, so strong, so strong…
…like I want to be

But I can’t deny
You belong, you belong, you belong
You belong
Here with me

But these lies
that keep me alive
Burn like I’m already dying
All I need, all I need
Is to be with you

Because it’s time to start over
Over over
I’ll never get over loving you

Yes, it’s time to start over

You may up walking away
at the end of the day
but I’ve got too much pride to give in

I need you here with me
That’s the way it’s supposed to be